Student Pilots

Learning To Fly

Starting Your Lessons

Sign up for a free 6 month subscription and free trial AOPA training membership at AOPA Flight Training Magazine. If your instructor is an AOPA member, get them to sign you up at the Instructor’s AOPA Flight Training Magazine. You’ll get the same benefits, plus your instructor will get something out of it as well (and perhaps they’ll share).

Student pilots who have a mentor are far more likely to finish their training (so the statistics say). Use the AOPA Project Pilot page to search for a mentor in your area. Mentors can be either local or they can be remote via e-mail.

Ground School

Your flight instructor is going to be focused on teaching you how to fly. They’ll certainly cover ground school topics, but only in enough detail to get you through the next lesson, and even then most flight instructors will have expected you to have read some information about the topic before your flight lesson. There are really 3 alternatives for Ground School.

  • A formal class. Local community colleges often offer Private Pilot classes and the Wings of Carolina Flying Club also offers a classroom based Ground School.

  • Self study – get the books, teach yourself and ask your flight instructor specific questions.

  • Schedule Ground School sessions with your flight instructor. You’ll need to schedule these sessions, your flight instructor will probably assume you’re either taking a formal class or doing self-study.

Getting to Solo

After Your Solo

Knowledge Test

Practicing for the Knowledge Test? Here are some sites that can help you practice:

Thanks to Robert Gregory flying at Southern Jet for this additional list of sites:

Not free, but several titles from GLEIM are available for the Palm device.  Make those meetings more productive!

Cross-Country Flying

Night Flying

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Preparing for the Checkride

Now You’re a Private Pilot

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