Flight Instructors

This page contains information intended to be useful for Flight Instructors or Flight Instructor candidates. However, there’s no reason it won’t be useful to all pilots.

Make sure to check-out the Student Pilot pages, you may find material there you can use with your Students.

Reference Materials

To study for the Flight Instructor oral, or in practicing your profession as a Flight Instructor you’re going to need some reference material.

The Practical CFI


Private Pilot Certificate

Commercial Pilot Certificate

Instrument Rating

Other Documents


Teaching Materials



A curriculum and syllabus for CFI training:


Ground School Lesson Outlines for use when you can’t fly.


Lesson Planning

Ground School Teaching Notes.

Other miscellaneous documents:

Here are some sites with CFI lesson plans on line. I STRONGLY recommend that you sit down and write your own lesson plans. The main purpose of that is if you organize them and write them down you’ll know the material. If you just print out somebody else’s lesson plan, well you’ll have lesson plans, but will you know the material? Anyway – having other people’s lesson plans to look at is still useful, so here they are:

Here are some other really useful CFI links.

This is a list of questions and answers from Rod Machado that were originally published in AOPA’s Flight Training magazine.

Some useful other Internet sites for Flight Instructors.

   If you’re a CFI, consider joining the National Association of Flight Instructors.

 You should definitely consider being a member of AOPA.