Commercial Pilots

This page is for Commercial pilots and those people working on the Commercial Pilot certificate. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be useful for other pilots as well. There is a separate page on Instrument Flight and Training.

Commercial Training

Commercial Pilot Checkride Tips

If you are going to take the check-ride in an airplane flight planned in MPH make sure you give some thought to how you’ll handle your flight plan and flight log (because everything else, wind, sectionals, ATC etc. think in Nautical Miles or Knots).

Trivia quiz: How can you tell if a plane is certified under CAR Part 3? The Weight and Balance will have a separate entry for “Full Oil” – apparently oil was not a part of the Empty Weight.

The Practical Commercial Pilot

Personal Commercial Training Stories

I did my single engine commercial training in November 2001 with Wayne Aviation at Goldsboro airport in North Carolina (they don’t have a Web page, otherwise I’d point you there). I took the check-ride with Henry Joyner at Ahoskie Airport. For more information take a look at my Commercial SEL story.

I took my multi-engine commercial training and check-ride in a Piper PA44-180 (Seminole). Once again, complex but not high performance). These are the PA44-180 procedures we used for the various maneuvers. ATP Inc. (the people I took the training with) provide a very complete handbook of this stuff, I lifted most of this from there and made some changes based on what we actually did.

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