Aircraft Information


These are the procedures I have developed for various maneuvers in a number of different aircraft. Some of them are works in progress.

Before using them make sure you review them with your instructor and correct the numerous mistakes that these documents contain.


Here are some checklists. They are provided with no warranty or guarantee of fitness for purpose. You should always use the POH checklist and, if you decide to use these checklists as an adjunct to the POH checklist review it carefully and use at your own risk. Whew – I think that covers it.

These checklists are intended to be printed front and back on normal 8 1/2 by 11 paper. Then they fold in half. Before flight checks on the left, in flight checks on the right. Fold back the right hand side and the after landing and shutdown checks are there and the pre-flight checks are on the right. It’s hard to describe – print them out and see if you can figure it out.

Many of  these checklists are Microsoft WORD documents. Some are PDF files, and over time they’ll all be converted to PDF.

These Cessna 172 (M and R model) checklists are based on the POH with a few additions.

This Mooney 201J checklist is based on the checklists used at the Wings of Carolina Flying Club with substantial modifications.

These checklists are more customized – make sure you check them for your specific aircraft before use:

This Cessna 182, Piper Seminole and PA28-161 (Warrior) checklists have NOT been well field tested and I even forget what they are based on.

Equipment Checklists

In flying the Wings of Carolina Mooney 201’s I’ve prepared a couple of checklists for the autopilots pre-flight tests as well as how to use a couple of pieces of the installed equipment (GEM Insight, Fuel Flow meter and Davitron clock).

Information on GPS Systems, checklists and guides for use and instruction.

Quick Reference Sheets

These quick reference sheets are for double sided printing on 81/2×11 paper and are intended for pre-flight use as a reminder of the “key numbers”. They are NOT a replacement for the POH, etc., other legal mumbo-jumbo et. al.

Some of them may not even be complete yet – use at your own risk.

These are some sheets I use as an instructor a WCFC – they are pretty localised in terms of frequencies.

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation has a series of Safety Highlights for s number of aircraft that are worth checking out.

Teaching Notes

Intended to help a flight instructor lead the discussion of the transition to a new make and/or model of aircraft.

Online Equipment Manuals

Here are some links to manuals on installed equipment you might find in various aircraft. If you click on any of these links you’re leaving this site. The information is probably far more reliable and available than anything you get here, but I thought you ought to know.

For pilots flying at the Wings of Carolina Flying Club this document on installed equipment may be useful.

Bendix-King (Honeywell)

Northstar M3 Approach Approved GPS

As an exercise in making information available I’ve started this WCFC Aircraft page where I’m working to provide links to the manuals and other information sheets for a variety of Wings of Caroling Flying Club (WCFC) aircraft.

Any suggestions or comments, send them along to me at